A La Carte Options


Training, Compliance Hotline, & Book


Training, each sold separately

1 single 3 hour class

  Class Topics Include:

  1. Adaptability from the top down, and back up

  2. Benefit Updates/EE0-1

  3. Communication Skills

  4. Conflict Resolution

  5. Culture

  6. Diversity & Inclusion

  7. Documentation

  8. Employee Relations

  9. Emotional Intelligence

  10. Ethics

  11. Generational Training *Current Hot Topic*

  12. Gray Wave *Current Hot Topic*

  13. Hotline issues - reviewed with management as to how to handle, what to say, and when to keep your mouth shut!

  14. HR Fundamentals

  15. Leadership Skills

  16. Presentation Skills

  17. Problem-solving Skills

  18. Review of all State and Federal regulations to ensure compliance

  19. So, you have a direct report...now what? Interviews to disciplinary action and evaluations!

  20. Teamwork

  21. Time management

  22. Workplace Safety: Run, Hide and Fight

Packages Include:

1)   Up to 4 classes for $219/each                                               $219....                                  

Per class- not per person cost!

2)  5 or more classes for $199/each                                          $995....

Per class- not per person cost!

*We also accept payment through $ CASHAPP and  V VENMO, please contact for details.* 



Hotline- Confidential Employee Relations & Compliance

Do you need a Confidential Employee Hotline to ensure your Organization maintains compliance standards? 


Do you have a prospective client who is conducting a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) audit, and would like to know where your employees have an anonymous whistleblower 3rd party hotline...You can have it here!

Packages include a basic monthly service, or as a service provider that also conducts the investigation of any employee concern.  Contact us for rates. 


        Employee Relations 101- A book for new managers!

This is a quick reference book for every situation that a new manager may face.  There are over 20 scenarios, which deal with varying topics, and ways to address each one.  Notes that every new manager should know how to address, but never taught!


Employee Relations 101           $14, includes shipping & handling 

                                                                  Discount for multiple copies!


We accept payment through $ CASHAPP & V VENMO, please contact for payment.