Career Exploration- Soon to be Grads & future HS Seniors  




If you were fortunate enough to attend

Christy Close's Plan A, B, C, and sometimes D

on the Learning Stairs last month...this is a continuation!


If you were NOT, this meeting is a must for the HS Soon to be Graduate, and the upcoming HS Senior!

**All HS Students who attend, will receive a

FREE CLASS PASS to one of Christy's certification classes after graduation.**

($350 value- AND a few letters after your name!)

We will cover all the NEED TO KNOW before you enter the workforce!

You will walk away with quizzes, and what career path is a good "fit" for you personally!


Please fill in the info below for your FREE registration.

(Help us get ready-  Class Pass & Snacks count)

When: Wednesday, April 27  4-7pm

Where: Sherman High School

Parents welcome to attend.