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Sponsoring a high school senior will allow a student who does not have a plan after graduation, receive information as to today's workplace expectations.


After a review of personal skillsets, guidance in careers which have an immediate need for interns, and hiring opportunities upon graduation will be discussed.  

All sponsored will receive a FREE CLASS PASS to any business class offered. Sponsorship is $99 per student.

*Sponsorship is also another way to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements and audit as YOU are contributing to YOUR Community.*



Community Sponsor 1 HS Senior, $99



Bronze Sponsor

3 HS Seniors, but 5 Seniors will receive



Silver Sponsor

10 HS Seniors, but 20 Seniors will receive 


Gold Sponsor

100 Seniors, but 250 Seniors will receive 




Cash/ Cash App/ Venmo & Check also accepted.





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