Giving your Organization, an HR Solid Foundation.

Meet Christy Close,


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You no longer have to make excuses, or accept staff deficiencies because,

"They do not know" 


"We haven't had time to train."

HR Leader | Business Consultant | Author 

Organizational Developer

HR Certification Prep Test & HR 101 Facilitator 

Management Boot Camp Provider 

Employee Relations Scenario Role Player

After many years of facilitating classes for private and public Universities, Christy has decided to take the classes, to the masses! 


As the CEO of HR Solid Foundation, she believes that many of today's employment discrepancies could be avoided with proper training, or structural strategic alignment within the Organization's goals.  

HR Solid Foundation follows HR Best Practices, and works through development of HR staff, to Employee Relations with Management.  Classes are for those new to management to those tenured in their careers. 

For those who wear many hats, to those working in large corporations- there is a class for YOU and YOUR Organization! 


Should you need one on one Executive coaching, or development & certification of HR personnel, we have a class to meet your needs.

If Employee Relations is where your Organization needs to be on a solid foundation, please use our advanced experience with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). 

**As of 08/2021, we reached our 1200th EEOC case, Employee Relations is one of our specialties.

Speaking engagements include Christy sharing her experiences through humor, and engaging role play.

Organizations are interested in advancing their skills within a multi-generational and diverse cultured workforce. 


Trust YOUR Time & Organization, to HR Solid Foundation. 


Let US partner with YOU  in building an Solid Foundation to ensure your Organization is not only productive, but also profitable!  Success lies within you and your employees!  Here is to a great 2022!