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HR Solid Foundation

Strengthen the core of you organization with HR Solid Foundation!

You no longer have to make excuses, or accept staff deficiencies because "They don't know" or "We don't have time to train".

Our Services

Our Services

HR Solid Foundation offers a wide variety of services to fit all of your HR needs.


Have an active HR issue or wanting to advance your career? HRSF has you covered. We have training programs personalized for each client.


You deserve better...

better job,

better pay,

but you also need better skills!


Our classes will keep you current on any compliance or employment law updates while you earn CE credits.


These classes include slide decks & continued assistance beyond the classroom.

Organizations with less than 50 employees, this option is perfect for you!

Retainer &
Call Plan


A La Cart

From trainings to a hotline, we have everything in between. 

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